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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My First Sale!

So it has finally come. My first sale! A friend actually saw one of products and contacted me about a custom order. I feel like a business woman-yippie!! well thats that for now. Still working, still creating. Many thanks to my first customer and her support. blessinsgs to you Ms Shelia :)

Marszy's Crasy Daisy's n' More

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Marszy's Crasy Daisy Stems

Ok so here is a picture of my latest Crasy Daisy Edition. These are called Crasy Daisy Stems and have actual adjustable stems. I made these for my niece. These are so fun for a girls room or your desk, at work or in the office. These could brighten up the office bathroom as well. The possibilites are endless. Go to my webpage for more information.

Marszy's Crasy Daisys n' More

Monday, February 8, 2010

Marszy's Crochet Blog on my Etsy Store

So I've always had this crazy idea to start my own business right, so here I am stepping out for the first time, kinda. Well I mean I've tried selling on eBay and sold a few items, sold a few items on Amazon and did well, even created postcards for an event and reaped monetarily. But what then, I got discouraged or the fear of failure reared its ugly head and I just simply stopped. But when you have this aching desire to do something. you know it kinda never goes away. Many of you know what I mean. if you really need a reminder, then keep doing everything but the the thing you really want to to do and all of a sudden you will clearly remember the thing (s) you have been longing to do.

So anyway over the past years I found myself constantly creating things and pitching ideas to people, waiting for some "random" person to bring my vision(s) to life, randomly. But, who better to bring these visions to life then the one(s) with the vision? Hence the birth of my Etsy store ,Marszy's Crasy Daisys n' More! Oh you said you'd like to visit? Why of course you can just go to

Marszy's Crasy Daisys n' More is a compilation of crocheted daisies and flowers for wear, decoration or play. Many colors will adorn this shop so keep checking back. I wore one of my daisies out and it seems people really like them so I must continue what I've started. Well that will do it for now. Thank you for stopping by and remember, if you have that aching desire to do something like start your own business then by all means go for it and we can go together. Toodles!!