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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesday/Thursday Chit Chat Presnets : Info For New Sellers from Etsy

On Tuesday Oct 5th, Etys sent out an email with some really cool information for 'newbies".  I was at first kind of annoyed as I figured the info would be redundant as well as something to rub in my face! Well turns out the information was actually really good, useful and made lots of sense! Haha silly  Some of the articles were:

Tips From the Forums (yep u can click on these)

So in case you missed this Etsy message and want the full link, it is here:

Monday, October 4, 2010


 Some days you just don't have much to say
so heres to wishing everyone a 


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Reflections Presents: If We Ever Needed God More it’s Right Now!

In a world full of uncertainty, many grow weary and faint. Questions arise like, what will I do, where will I go, what about my children, my job, my family, the future , my life! Etc. But an age old assurance has calmed many a restless soul or great fear.

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

Too often we rely on our own strength to get us through our everyday lives but there is one who offers a rest and peace for our, all to often, weary souls. Whatever the circumstance, small or big, there is no situation to great or too small for God to handle; If we would be willing but for a moment to open our hearts to let him in. He is but a prayer away. Even the faintest of prayers He hears and answers.

Now sometimes people ask, “why would God care about such things?” Well just like a caring parent cares about every aspect of their child’s life (big or small), God cares for each and every one of his precious little ones, you and me!

Is it ever too late to come to God? Nope! If we ever needed God more it’s right now. No matter how old your child may get he/she will always be your precious “little one”. God is waiting to hear from His precious little one today. Won’t you come?

Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Featurettes Presents: Things I Would Totally Buy!

Everything here can be Found on Etsy

 This beautiful Cross will always remind you of the most precious gift given to man - A Savior
More like this found here:

Never  a time not to be thankful. These beautiful Turkey tags are so cute! Use them as placement tags or gift tags, etc. Find yours here:

Nothing Cuter! then a cozy for your hand held device - Perfect for your IPod Nano, Smartphone etc.
Find them here!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday Chit Chat: What Inspires You?

After meeting so many wonderful talented artists I could not help but wonder about the Inspiration behinds one's crafts. 

Maybe it's simply a love for the arts, a special someone in your life or the Creator himself, whatever it is we'd love to hear. 

Take a moment to share your inspirational Craft story

Sooo What Inspires You?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mid-Week Treasures Mateys

A Perfectly Pink Treasury From the Etsy CAPS Team

Raspberry and Whimsical Hearts Hand Dyed Silk Scarf for those brisk cold days

Rose Bouquet Button Bracelet adds flare to your couture

Pink Princess Dress Custom Boutique for your little Princess

Long and Pink for that added Sparkle

But wait! There's More Treasure to be Found in Our Team CAPS Treasury.Take a Peek inside

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Informative Tuesdays Presents : The Finish Line!!

 I just recently found out there are many on who are full-time Etsy Sellers. If you’re thinking what I was thinking then you are probably wondering how they did it! Well if I had to sum everything up in two words I’d have to say “Hard Work”; yep sometimes the very words we hate to hear. If only life was a walk in the park.  Now hopefully these two words did not frighten you off. Most everything achieved in life comes through some sort of diligence, sacrifice, sweat, a few tears (maybe lol) endurance and yes, hard work. My time with Etsy, although brief (not quite a year), has been both rewarding and challenging. I almost threw in the towel many times but many an encouraging word and corrective criticism from my fellow Etsians, kept me going.

An old wise woman once said to me, “If you don’t stick in the race, how will you see the end” Words to definitely live by wouldn’t you say? And she was right. Sure I want to be fulltime on Etsy and have sells galore! And yes I think I even like the sound of being my own boss if you will, but quitting in the middle of the race won’t get me there.

Maybe you too are running this race to become a successful Full-time Etsy Artist or entrepreneur or whatever. Well, I invite you to run this race with me. It might not be a bed a roses and it may seem a tad longer then intended at times but if we endure, if we embrace our hard work if we simply hang in there we will make it to the finish line.

For those not familiar, Etsy is a place for those who want to sell their homemade, vintage, or supply items. (go to for more information).
For more information on Fulltime Etsy Sellers, and business advice etc. go to

Monday, September 20, 2010

Berets and Tams are Back!

Tan Tam/Beret

Just when you thought they'd go out of style! Berets and Tams are always the perfect head "decor" if you will. Never a dull moment, a "bad hair day" or a hat that is simply too small. Most Tams come in size "one size fits all" which works perfectly for most anyone today. If you've never had a Tam/Beret experience then take the plunge! You'll be happy you did.

Tam/Beret in Berry Blue
( Berry Blue really is the Color of this Yarn)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Get Hooked!

A pair of baby booties  I made as a "beginner" crocheter ( this is not my pattern and is under copyright).

Here recently I have either heard or read comments of people saying, " I wish I could crochet". Welp! there is no time like the present! There are actually a few books on crocheting for beginners. It is more simple then it looks. So if you are one of those apprehensive persons out there, both "a wishing" and "a wondering", delay no longer and Get Hooked!
A few crochet links for beginners:

Thursday, August 26, 2010

What attracts you to certain blogs?

Okay, blogging is new and seems like a lot of fun right?! So I blogged about how inspired I was after watching Julie and Julia back in March of this year. Well ... I was inspired and the movie is still a must see. However,  Juila's blog (for those who saw the movie) about her new found adventure was very eye opening to me. I thought, hmmm ...why don't I do that? So I did!  Her blogging brought her a bit of success and then a movie and I was like whoa! this could be a good thing. Now, I am looking for fortune or fame, but a way out of the main stream work force and a fabulous at home yeah! Now things did not go quite that-a-way though so I have decided to simply be ok with that lol. What I have realized on this blogging journey, however, is this; my blog should be fun and interesting to read for those who so choose to read it. Julia was very inspiring to me and apparently others too.

Just read an article about a woman who blogged in the same fashion as Julia but not about food, but instead about old frumpy dresses she purchased for a dollar and turned  into hip dresses for today. Well her story was so interesting and engaging (inspiring as well) that it made it to the front web page of Yahoo! Well what do ya know! Turns out "good and engaging" blogging can turn into a pretty awesome story. Nope still not looking for fame or notoriety but a good blog and ticket away from the mainstream might be kinda nice. I believe in work, sure, but work that you love is better. Sooo back to my original point of this blog entry; I prefer a blog that is both interesting to me and to those who read it. So what makes people want to read my blog or any blog for that matter? Gotta figure this one out. Till next time, love God, love your family and friends and live life to the absolute fullest. :)

Should you brace this page with your beautiful presence, leave a message- would luv to hear your thoughts on what attracts you to certain blogs

Also check out which colors are best for your blog

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Additions Added

My last post gave a glimspe of up coming new items. Well they are up and ready at my Etsy Store.

Also Check out the cool rotating treasurys created by Etsy's CAPS team.This one has a Fall theme. Very pretty!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Coming additions

Crasy Daisy Wall Art
Owl Wall Art (in formation - not complete)
In my effort to "re-create" my Etsy, shop if you will, I've been working on a few new designs. These are not complete yet so they will not be listed until complete.

Check out More Esty Artists!

So one of our lovely Etsy Artists From  "CAPS team, created an awesome treasury showcasing some of  the many talents and creations of Etsy Artists. Check them out here:

Sunday, July 25, 2010

I've been Featured!

Ok so one of my shoe clip (seen above) creations from my Etsy store has been featured on a very cool blog called "sixthirtythree"

check it out here

along with some really other cool stuff. I am finally getting my act together and working on my store. I read a very cool blog on exactly what it takes to really get one's Etys store going. The authors response? "Hard Work". She wasn't lying either - but hey if you build it they will come!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Now to get serious about my craft

Well it is really easy to get discouraged when you see how successful others are at your craft. I have a ton of ideas but getting them out is another issue. The time the detail, etc arrrg! Man If i could put a machine to work for me I really would. Hard work, however, does have its payoff. I've not seen it here on my etsy yet but I have not really dived into my craft either sooo how do I get motivated.  How do I get serious about my craft?  So guess like my first sale on eBay, before It actually happened I was so awe struck by all the "successful sellers", until one day - I became one - lol. So here I am anticipating the day I see sells coming from my shop. But in the mean time I wait and be patient. I can only assume that in due time my shop, too, will have its dawning day. " To infinity and beyond!!!"

Monday, July 12, 2010

New Day, New Designs

So it's been about four months since my last post. Moving a lot will do that to you. In the mean time, however, I have been busy creating new design.  New pendants will be available, I am experiencing with shoe clips- fun! More daisys to come too. These take the longest so be patient with me. Lots of fun colors too. I have not made any new mary-janes but I have some new ideas stirring. So looks like I will be a worker bee - haha- I love it though. Many rewards in working for oneself. No I am not full-time yet but working on it.  My Etsy site is a little naked but not for long. I will be posting pics very soon so check back!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

My First Crocheted Mary Jane Slippers - yay!!


OK so I scoured the internet for patterns for Crocheted Mary Janes and to my surprise I found them. Well as you may or may not know I am trying to build my store on But here is the problem, while the patterns are accessible to online crochet students like myself, they ARE NOT and I REPEAT, ARE NOT for sell, distribution, resale, etc. just take a look below at one disclaimer:

this free pattern is not for resale. All rights reserved. No part of the pattern may be reproduced in any form. The written instructions, photographs, design, and pattern are intended for personal, non-commercial use only i.e. you are not permitted to sell any items made using this pattern.

I clearly got the picture and CLEARLY knew I DID NOT want to be guilty of copyright infringement. So God bless all you wonderful crochet-ers out there and much success in your pattern making and free distribution.

So as I sat and pondered the idea I most avoided, creating my own pattern(s), I decided what the heck, and went for it! After seeing a few of the 'untouchable" pics of crocheted Mary Janes, I decided to do away with them all. I already knew how to crochet, single crochet, double crochet, create designs etc. And yes! An Epiphany! I would pull from my own bucket of talents and creative thinking and make an Adult Mary Jane Slipper Darnet! and so I did. So now since I have my own pattern, guess I too will join my crochet colleagues and copyright it as well (I laugh a bit)- Wha La, a crochet diva has been born.
Well I have more crochet adventures to discover - toodles for now.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Crochet Kitty Dangle Toy

Alright, how many of you out there have a wee kitty at home. Well maybe not actually a bitty kitty but ur baby nonetheless right? Cats , as we all know, love to play with hanging things and bells and strings etc. So for this reason I created the "Crochet Kitty Dangle Toy". So I made one and placed it on the door knob at home. At first kitty (Kenny) seemed disinterestd. But now, he plays with it almost everyday! Checkout my pic! This one is pink and orange and has two bells that dangle at the bottom. Kenny just seems to love it. Item can be purchased at my etsy store -

Monday, March 8, 2010

Marszy's Crochet Blog and "Julie and Julia" the Movie

Well I just finished watching the movie, Julie and Julia and as you can see was inspired to write this blog entry. Sooooo if you haven't seen the movie I won’t give it away. I will say that I found myself right there in the film. I felt Julie and I felt Julia. If you are one who is sitting, pondering or has been sitting in that cubicle or haven't quite "made it" in the corporate arena or whatever, then you will relate to this film. Finding what we love doing and being able to actually do it is breathtaking! And so how long do we go through life wishing, hoping "if we could just do the thing(s) we really love doing". Well this brings me to the whole point and explanation behind the title of this blog, "Marszy's Etsy  Blog -vs- Julie and Julia". Marsz's Etsy  blog was created to challenge myself to stick to my business venture by blogging about it. I hit a bump in the road and kinda stopped momentarily; discouragement, doubts, fear of failure, you name it. But after watching Julie and Julia I felt to pick myself back up and wipe off the dirt of self-pity. Well now to date, I’ve completed 4 blogs including this one. Why? though it has been my challenge,  thinking of not doing things I really enjoy encourages me to continue on with what i do enjoy, my business venture. My immediate passions are God and my faith in him, singing praise and worship music, writing etc. My quirkiness, on the other hand, draws me to create ideas I have stored in my head that could really and potentially lead to a more fullfilling career. I don’t seek wealth or the riches of this world, just a closer walk with Jesus, a deeper faith, and the strength to live it out.  So my prayer right now is simple. God let the journey began and walk with me in it. Amen! Ok time to work on my Etsy Store.

ttyl all

bye now

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My First Sale!

So it has finally come. My first sale! A friend actually saw one of products and contacted me about a custom order. I feel like a business woman-yippie!! well thats that for now. Still working, still creating. Many thanks to my first customer and her support. blessinsgs to you Ms Shelia :)

Marszy's Crasy Daisy's n' More

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Marszy's Crasy Daisy Stems

Ok so here is a picture of my latest Crasy Daisy Edition. These are called Crasy Daisy Stems and have actual adjustable stems. I made these for my niece. These are so fun for a girls room or your desk, at work or in the office. These could brighten up the office bathroom as well. The possibilites are endless. Go to my webpage for more information.

Marszy's Crasy Daisys n' More

Monday, February 8, 2010

Marszy's Crochet Blog on my Etsy Store

So I've always had this crazy idea to start my own business right, so here I am stepping out for the first time, kinda. Well I mean I've tried selling on eBay and sold a few items, sold a few items on Amazon and did well, even created postcards for an event and reaped monetarily. But what then, I got discouraged or the fear of failure reared its ugly head and I just simply stopped. But when you have this aching desire to do something. you know it kinda never goes away. Many of you know what I mean. if you really need a reminder, then keep doing everything but the the thing you really want to to do and all of a sudden you will clearly remember the thing (s) you have been longing to do.

So anyway over the past years I found myself constantly creating things and pitching ideas to people, waiting for some "random" person to bring my vision(s) to life, randomly. But, who better to bring these visions to life then the one(s) with the vision? Hence the birth of my Etsy store ,Marszy's Crasy Daisys n' More! Oh you said you'd like to visit? Why of course you can just go to

Marszy's Crasy Daisys n' More is a compilation of crocheted daisies and flowers for wear, decoration or play. Many colors will adorn this shop so keep checking back. I wore one of my daisies out and it seems people really like them so I must continue what I've started. Well that will do it for now. Thank you for stopping by and remember, if you have that aching desire to do something like start your own business then by all means go for it and we can go together. Toodles!!