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Monday, March 8, 2010

Marszy's Crochet Blog and "Julie and Julia" the Movie

Well I just finished watching the movie, Julie and Julia and as you can see was inspired to write this blog entry. Sooooo if you haven't seen the movie I won’t give it away. I will say that I found myself right there in the film. I felt Julie and I felt Julia. If you are one who is sitting, pondering or has been sitting in that cubicle or haven't quite "made it" in the corporate arena or whatever, then you will relate to this film. Finding what we love doing and being able to actually do it is breathtaking! And so how long do we go through life wishing, hoping "if we could just do the thing(s) we really love doing". Well this brings me to the whole point and explanation behind the title of this blog, "Marszy's Etsy  Blog -vs- Julie and Julia". Marsz's Etsy  blog was created to challenge myself to stick to my business venture by blogging about it. I hit a bump in the road and kinda stopped momentarily; discouragement, doubts, fear of failure, you name it. But after watching Julie and Julia I felt to pick myself back up and wipe off the dirt of self-pity. Well now to date, I’ve completed 4 blogs including this one. Why? though it has been my challenge,  thinking of not doing things I really enjoy encourages me to continue on with what i do enjoy, my business venture. My immediate passions are God and my faith in him, singing praise and worship music, writing etc. My quirkiness, on the other hand, draws me to create ideas I have stored in my head that could really and potentially lead to a more fullfilling career. I don’t seek wealth or the riches of this world, just a closer walk with Jesus, a deeper faith, and the strength to live it out.  So my prayer right now is simple. God let the journey began and walk with me in it. Amen! Ok time to work on my Etsy Store.

ttyl all

bye now


  1. Hey Marnie!

    I loved the Julie & Julia movie, too. It is very inspirational! Maybe we should buy the DVD and pop it every once in a while, when we need some more inspiration!

  2. I love that movie! It was great would watch it many times over.

    I love your simple prayer!

  3. Thanks Cindi, yes this movie is a great inspiration - I almost bought it again today - lol

  4. Hey Megan hope you get this,
    ok this is horribly sad that I did not notice your comment until today - August 26!!! as the saying goes please charge this to my head and not my heart - how are you doing anyway- always good to hear from you!