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Thursday, August 26, 2010

What attracts you to certain blogs?

Okay, blogging is new and seems like a lot of fun right?! So I blogged about how inspired I was after watching Julie and Julia back in March of this year. Well ... I was inspired and the movie is still a must see. However,  Juila's blog (for those who saw the movie) about her new found adventure was very eye opening to me. I thought, hmmm ...why don't I do that? So I did!  Her blogging brought her a bit of success and then a movie and I was like whoa! this could be a good thing. Now, I am looking for fortune or fame, but a way out of the main stream work force and a fabulous at home yeah! Now things did not go quite that-a-way though so I have decided to simply be ok with that lol. What I have realized on this blogging journey, however, is this; my blog should be fun and interesting to read for those who so choose to read it. Julia was very inspiring to me and apparently others too.

Just read an article about a woman who blogged in the same fashion as Julia but not about food, but instead about old frumpy dresses she purchased for a dollar and turned  into hip dresses for today. Well her story was so interesting and engaging (inspiring as well) that it made it to the front web page of Yahoo! Well what do ya know! Turns out "good and engaging" blogging can turn into a pretty awesome story. Nope still not looking for fame or notoriety but a good blog and ticket away from the mainstream might be kinda nice. I believe in work, sure, but work that you love is better. Sooo back to my original point of this blog entry; I prefer a blog that is both interesting to me and to those who read it. So what makes people want to read my blog or any blog for that matter? Gotta figure this one out. Till next time, love God, love your family and friends and live life to the absolute fullest. :)

Should you brace this page with your beautiful presence, leave a message- would luv to hear your thoughts on what attracts you to certain blogs

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  1. I look at titles first. If they have a great hook, then I usually read the blog.

    By the way, I have been visiting your site. You have had some great changes, everytime I come here. I go back to mine to see what I can update. Smile.

    Like your treasury.

  2. Thank you that means lot! I started looking at other blogs too and kinda made this blog adventure a "blog 101" class for myself if you will. Your blog, believe it or not, was one of great encouragement for me :)

    Many blessings to you sixtythirty