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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Informative Tuesdays Presents : The Finish Line!!

 I just recently found out there are many on who are full-time Etsy Sellers. If you’re thinking what I was thinking then you are probably wondering how they did it! Well if I had to sum everything up in two words I’d have to say “Hard Work”; yep sometimes the very words we hate to hear. If only life was a walk in the park.  Now hopefully these two words did not frighten you off. Most everything achieved in life comes through some sort of diligence, sacrifice, sweat, a few tears (maybe lol) endurance and yes, hard work. My time with Etsy, although brief (not quite a year), has been both rewarding and challenging. I almost threw in the towel many times but many an encouraging word and corrective criticism from my fellow Etsians, kept me going.

An old wise woman once said to me, “If you don’t stick in the race, how will you see the end” Words to definitely live by wouldn’t you say? And she was right. Sure I want to be fulltime on Etsy and have sells galore! And yes I think I even like the sound of being my own boss if you will, but quitting in the middle of the race won’t get me there.

Maybe you too are running this race to become a successful Full-time Etsy Artist or entrepreneur or whatever. Well, I invite you to run this race with me. It might not be a bed a roses and it may seem a tad longer then intended at times but if we endure, if we embrace our hard work if we simply hang in there we will make it to the finish line.

For those not familiar, Etsy is a place for those who want to sell their homemade, vintage, or supply items. (go to for more information).
For more information on Fulltime Etsy Sellers, and business advice etc. go to

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  1. So I finally ventured into the Etsy Chat rooms and Forums and met some really cool artists. They gave me lots of feedback and encouraged me to keep, well, running the race! I also gained new followers and became I new follower of other Artists. Linking up with other who are walking the same path will give you added strength and endurance. Thank you to all my Etsy colleagues!